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5x14: Ozymandias

Observations: “About seven seconds pass between the time Walter White screams the words ‘we’re a family’ and the time he whispers them, and they are an eternity. They are everything. Those seven seconds are what Breaking Bad has been building to for the previous 59 hours. They are every illusion Walter White has ever had about himself being shattered. They are the terrified faces of his wife and son as they huddle together on the floor, trying to wish him into the cornfield. They are all the bogus self-rationalizations he has told himself and others being dipped in acid until they are no longer identifiable by forensic science. They are Walter White finally, after so much time and so much sin, coming to terms with everything he has lost. ‘Ozymandias’ is the greatest hour Breaking Bad has ever given its audience. It is also the most terrible. It is unmerciful in what it does to Walt, what it does to Hank and Skyler and Flynn and Marie, and what it does to us.” 

– Alan Sepinwall, Ozymandias review: Take two. Sepinwall was recovering from an appendectomy when he wrote his first review of this episode, and he didn’t quite feel he did it justice. So what we have here is our finest TV critic revisiting Breaking Bad’s greatest hour, and the end result is required reading. Enjoy.

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